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Fundamental values of the success of Acebsa

R+D and Environment

Acebsa cultivates and carries forward, for many years, the essential values to their success and the success of their customers.

Among them, R & D deals undoubtedly an essential place. Acebsa knows we live in a demanding world that constantly pushes us to move forward.

In late 1990, thanks to European funds for research and development Acebsa is committed to provide an alternative to the conventional technology of manufacturing enamelled copper wire. After showing at the end of the project show Ecowiretec (2005) that it was technically possible to manufacture enamelled copper wire, class F / H (in the absence of solvents), Acebsa continued to invest heavily and can now offer customers samples of Class F, H and HC.

This new technology should help to build an insulated conductor without solvent emission against the existing technology for over 60 years and be able to cope with new regulations to be established.

This revolution in the field of glazing may also offer new perspectives in comparison with the conventional process.
Improved environmental balance.
Process efficiency increased.
Improved properties.
These issues are being quantified through a thesis in collaboration with the University.

This new technology also provides properties that cannot be achieved with the traditional method.
For example, the absence of solvent allows applying higher layers of enamel. In the case of thermo-thread, this process offers opportunities for greater bonding strength.

Acebsa, mastering all the new technology (chemistry, formulations and machinery) is making headway in other activities, such as the coating of steel or aluminum. The wire of this new technology has been homologated for applications as diverse as the muzzles of bottles, superconducting wire power lines or high efficiency.
The thread is also on the stage of homologation in the field of transport of energy.

We went out of the main activity of Acebsa but this diversification shows an increasing demand for manufacturing products that respect the environment and health which allows each day to advance with the belief that the investments made and the way being pursued is consistent with the market expectations.